Gender at Work: Theory and Practice for 21st Century Organizations
G@W Framework
Gender at Work at CSW 2015
A Knotted Rope
The Gender Line
  • By Aruna Rao, Joanne Sandler, David Kelleher, Carol Miller
  • Gender at Work has a holistic approach to social change. It links organizational change, changes in the “rules of the game”, and gender equality.
  • We organized three events at CSW 2015 and feminist activists who were part of our story-telling Collaboratory with the TMI Project presented their stories at the Intergenerational Dialogue. Get all the details on our blog.
  • Our associates are based around the world. Meet these rule-changers who are working to “shake up” organizations and institutions.
  • These stories and the process followed to generate them, prove how powerful the act of writing is in crystallizing and articulating the meaning of an experience.
  • Got a line on gender? Visit The Gender Line and enter your 6-word line on gender today.

Gender at Work  is a transnational network of individuals and organizations which works to end discrimination against women and advance cultures of equality.


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