Fazila Gany, Associate

Fazila GanyFazila is a facilitator who has been supporting Gender Action Learning (GAL) processes with various organizations. She has also assisted Gender at Work with administration tasks when the need arises. She currently works with a LGBTI group in an action learning process.

Year she joined G@W


...and why

“I have a passion for working with gender and transformation. Working on social justice issues for 10 years has also contributed to my desire to work in the field of gender. I was a participant in the action learning process and have seen first-hand the benefits of this process and the impact it has on gender and transformation.”

“Little lines that appear slowly unobtrusively, emerging with experience, with untold tales, my body losing its agility, breasts that once were a means of sustenance slowly seem to cling on to my body as tiresome appendage.

Where is the sensuality? Where is beauty refrained? Has toil and trouble replaced all?

Each part of me can spin you an enthralling tale yet I want to seek adventures, thrills and all that can replace what was.”
~ Fazila Gany

Where else she has worked

Fazila has worked as a coordinator, trainer and mediator for programs related to gender issues such as gender-based violence, child support maintenance, sexuality, sexual reproductive health rights, and sexual harassment. She has also worked for almost a decade in family law matters, mainly in domestic violence and child support.

She has also done supervision work with students in their workplace learning programs for the University Of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Other work on gender and institutional change

Fazila is a volunteer facilitator with the Alternative to Violence Program (AVP) and currently serves on the management committee for the KwaZulu AVP network, a program initiated in prisons to work with perpetrators. Currently, AVP is run in universities, communities, churches and prisons. She has also participated in a research project carried out by the University of KwaZulu-Natal on the prevention of sexual harassment and teenage pregnancy in schools.

Dreams & Passions

“My other interest lies in complimentary therapy and I am also trained in a discipline called capacitor, which uses a holistic approach to trauma debriefing and capacity building. I love reading and writing poetry. I also love art and am a novice artist.”


Email: fazilagany@yahoo.com
Skype: fazilabgany