Mahelet Hailemariam Seifu, Associate 

What Mahelet does with G@W 

Mahelet is Program Manager of Gender at Work’s initiative in South Sudan on gender-based violence, which is currently undertaken by three local NGOs in Malakal and Wau.

Year she joined G@W


 …and why

In 2008-9, when Mahelet was working with Partnership for Cross-Sectoral Engagement (PACE/Oxfam Canada), she had a very exciting experience and was introduced to G@W’s thinking and ways of doing things through David Kelleher and Michel Friedman. This experience not only introduced her to G@W, but also shaped and helped her overcome her own biases and fears about addressing the issue of gender equality in the Horn of Africa. 

Where else she has worked

Prior to becoming a freelance consultant, Mahelet worked mainly with businesses and the non-government sector. She worked with Oxfam Canada (Horn of Africa Capacity Building Program (HOACBP) and later, with Partnership for Cross-Sectoral Engagement (PACE) under different capacities; with work experience and exposure in Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia and Djibouti. She has also worked with Institute of Development Research (AAU) as an assistant researcher, and as executive manager in a private follower exporting company.

Other work on gender and institutional change

Recently engaged in the WFP P4P (Gender) initiative as a consultant, Mahelet is involved in the establishment of the system. She also deals with the development and translation of community conversation materials on women’s participation, benefit and control in multi-purpose cooperatives and their Unions in Ethiopia. 

Dreams & Passions

“Developing my recently discovered talents -- painting and poetry writing.”