Rex Fyles, Associate

What Rex does with G@WRex Fyles

Rex has worked with the G@W country teams in South Africa (2010) and India (2011) to articulate and assess the changes resulting from Gender Action Learning processes in their contexts. He also collaborated with Oxfam Novib colleagues and partners to assess the impact of their gender mainstreaming work using ‘Most Significant Change’ methodologies.  He has contributed to the design and management of several programs to secure funding for G@W’s work and has participated in reflection, planning and evaluation meetings hosted by G@W with various partners and associates.  He is currently supporting our reflection and methods to enhance G@W’s own strategic learning to draw on our experience and enhance our impact as agents of change.

Year he joined Gender at Work


Rex believes that G@W’s “people” all around the world are quite simply magnets for someone who wants to learn, question, explore and co-create to overcome the debilitating power of exclusionary beliefs and behaviors. Rex delights in the experience, insight, relationships, respect and creativity he finds with the amazing people who revolve around Gender at Work.

Where else he has worked  

For over twenty years before joining G@W and uOttawa, Rex worked for a number of Canadian international development NGOs, most recently in various capacities at Oxfam Canada.

Other work on gender and institutional change

Rex manages international interns and field research courses on behalf of social science students at the University of Ottawa. He brings into the classroom what he learns from Gender at Work, and his students often test the new approaches he brings to G@W initiatives.

Recent writing

"Learning about Gender Equality, Testing the Ability of the Most Significant Change Methodology to make culture changes visible and learn about Gender Equality"         

(co-authors Esther Benning and Jeanette Kloosterman, Oxfam Novib, July 2012)

Recommended television

RuPaul’s Drag Race

Dreams & Passions

Watching his foster son grow into the fullness of the life he deserves.


Skype: rex.fyles1