Rieky Stuart, Associate

What Rieky does with G@W 

In addition to writing and doing some of G@W’s administrative housekeeping in the past, Rieky has been part of some of the evaluation and organizational change work contracted to the organization. She was at Gender at Work’s founding meeting, and worked on the gender and organizational learning project at BRAC in Bangladesh with Gender at Work and BRAC colleagues that led up to the creation of the organization.  

Year she joined G@W 


…and why

In Rieky’s own words: “I’ve long believed that both women and men perpetuate inequality by enacting gender stereotypes and roles as ‘automatic’ recreations of socially powerful messages.  Organizations are an important locus of such messages and inequalities, and making this visible enables it to be changed.  So that’s what I try to do with Gender at Work, and as an independent consultant.” 

Where else she has worked  

Rieky has worked in international development as a program officer, teacher, manager and leader.  Most of this work has been with non-governmental organizations but she has also taught at university and consulted with bilateral and multilateral organizations. 

Recent writings

  • Gender Equality and Development Evaluation Units: Lessons from Evaluations of  Development Support of Selected Multilateral and Bilateral Agencies                  (Evaluation Co-operation Group)

Dreams & Passions

“I love reading, especially fiction, and recommend Anne Patchett, Zoe Ferraris and Kate Atkinson, as well as Cordelia Fine – anyone see a trend here?”


Email: rstuart@genderatwork.org