Tanya Beer, Associate

What Tanya does with G@W

Tanya BeerTanya is supporting development processes to explore the key learning challenges facing G@W and to develop a learning practice. For example, she is facilitating an emergent learning discussion with the South African team to help them deepen understanding and the collective impact of their gender action learning process on violence against women.

Year she joined G@W


...and why

In Tanya's own words: "Because these are my Peeps! I am inspired by the range of practitioners and scholars that have come together at G@W to explore gender equality and social justice. I find a genuine spirit of learning and curiosity among the Associates and a willingness to ask tough questions together."

Where else she has worked

Tanya is the Associate Director of the Center for Evaluation Innovation, where she leads the work in the areas of systems change and advocacy evaluation. Tanya works with a range of US private foundations to develop stronger evaluation and strategic learning approaches. Before that Tanya was the Assistant Director of Research, Evaluation, and Strategic Learning at The Colorado Trust, a private foundation focused on improving health and wellbeing.

Other work on gender and institutional change

Tanya’s work focuses on changing institutional learning dynamics and improving the use of data and evaluation in strategic decision making.

Recommended Book

Mink River by Brian Doyle.

Dreams & Passions

"I love to be outside, hiking or gardening. I also love dogs – mine especially! My dream is to someday have a sacred place in the mountains where I can bring together social justice practitioners and artists together to rejuvenate and create together." 


Email: tbeer@evaluationinnovation.org