Gen-Change Award: Kuna Pyrenda (Paraguay)

Kuna Pyrenda is a joint initiative of Paraguayan feminist socialists to secure greater influence in electoral politics. The initiative began in 2010 when about a 100 women joined together to analyze the potential for socialist feminists to run for office in the 2013 elections. They decided to create a political organization that: is led by socialist feminists; embodies ruptural ideas and practices; is self-financed and based on principles of collectivity and transparency.

In May 2011 they publicly launched their Manifesto and involved women from 12 of the 17 provinces of Paraguay. By 2012 they had secured legal recognition and became the first political party led by women in the history of the country. They competed in the elections with 21 national and provincial lists, all headed by women. According to its own assessment, the 2013 electoral results for Kuna Pyrenda were not a success. But the movement succeeded in inserting a powerful voice for feminist principles in conservative Paraguayan society, advocating for the inclusion of those who are most excluded, such as indigenous and rural women.