Runner-up: Lawsuit Over Stolen Rainbow (Armenia)

Theatre for Changes in Armenia is a group of young artists committed to using interactive theatre and creative methods as tools for social change. In December 2012, in collaboration with UNFPA Armenia, Theatre for Changes produced a new interactive play - "Lawsuit over Stolen Rainbow" as part of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence 2012 Campaign in Armenia. 

The play aims to promote national awareness of women's rights and provide opportunities for the public and civil society to join efforts to end gender discrimination and gender-based violence. It was successfully presented in Yerevan and in different regional communities of Armenia in 2013, reaching over 3000 young people aged 18-28. See their Facebook page

                                                                                 Arsen Grigoryan, Hayk Sekoyan and Elina Avanesyan 



           Armen Sargysan                          Artur Petrosyan                            Gevorg Abgaryan


          Levon Beglaryan                         Vahagn Gasparyan                       Zaruhi Hakobyan