Runner-up: One-Stop Shops for Gender Equality (Argentina)

Soon after the Ministry of National Security in Argentina called for the security and police force to create "One Stop Gender Centers" which would respond to issues of gender-based violence in the workplace, the Airport Security Police created its One Stop Gender Center named "Vilma Marisa Hoyos". Established in honour of one of the first policewomen – who has since disappeared, the center pays homage to all of the pioneering women on the police force. 

It has an interdisciplinary team that includes a social worker, a lawyer, a psychologist, a demographer, and is led by a communications specialist with expertise in gender. They have developed initiatives to guarantee gender equality in access to, retention, and promotions for job opportunities. They also provide information, legal assistance, and psychological support to individuals in the security forces who have been affected by gender-based violence. 

Over 18 months, they have dealt with 35 cases of workplace harassment;  9 cases of sexual harassment; 27 cases of domestic/family violence; 3 cases of gender-based violence during dating; 3 cases of discrimination; and one case of abuse of a minor.