Harvesting New Knowledge

Our founders and associates collaborate with each other and a wide range of partners to pilot new approaches, analytical frameworks, and learning strategies in support of gender and institutional change.

Through writing, speaking and increasing use of social media, we are:

  • Developing Collaboratories for Gender Equality to bring together individuals working on different aspects of gender inequality so that we can test new ways of working across geography and mindsets
  • Producing a book - Making New Rules: Secrets and Stories from the House of Gender - and accompanying multimedia resources, that will assemble the best thinking and experience on changing institutionalized gender discrimination in diverse organizational sites. Take a look at our current End Discrimination Now Story Contest.
  • Producing articles, power-point presentations and other media on diverse issues related to gender equality. Take a look at our resources.  

A multi-faceted team

Our Founders and Associates come from varied backgrounds and work with different aspects of gender. From feminist learning to grassroots activism, poetry and Tai Chi, they have wide and varied passions that they bring to each collaboration. Find out more.