What is GAL?

G@W’s Gender Action Learning (GAL) is an energetic and focused program that guides organizations and/or groups within organizations to develop structures, strategies and programs that support women's participation and empowerment.

A Collective Project

Together, participants examine the deep structures that hold inequality in place and create barriers to women's rights and gender equality. Then, we help develop a collective project to change these deep structures. Peer-learning workshops, shared accountability, individual coaching and mentoring from a G@W facilitator and development of tools, resources and writing—these are the core tools of the program which has so far benefited 35 civil society and community-based organizations around the world. Yours could be next. Find out how.

Current GAL initiatives:

  • In India, organizations are working on issues such as rural employment, children’s rights, and indigenous people’s advocacy;
  • in South Africa, organizations are working on disability services, community greening, anti-privatization, and farm workers’ rights;
  • and in Nepal, Albania and Morocco, organizations like the UN Development Group, UNICEF and WFP are trying to improve gender equality within their own organizations and the programs they run.