G@W “Collaboratory”

We’re excited to announce the Collaboratory, an initiative that will use the very best talent and resources in our community to discover, explore, and share new gender tools for creating gender-equitable cultures.

An inclusive group of practitioners, leaders and academics worldwide, experimenting with innovative approaches to gender equality—does this sound exciting to you?

Join in by sharing your expertise, or asking questions that lead to engaging conversations, and perhaps, answers. 

There was much brainstorming, bonhomie and tea at the first meeting which took place in New Delhi early in 2013. We hope to include more people in future meetings and events so do email us with your questions, ideas for funding, planning, or participation.

Capacity Development Initiative

This program aims to build upon strategic learning from our past efforts in both India and Southern Africa. We aim to experiment with a combination of face-to-face and peer-based approaches to learning, as well as virtual mentoring to support leaders, change agents and practitioners in different locations in Africa and India. The materials and methodologies developed through this process will be tested, assessed, documented and disseminated via partners and media beyond the 12-month implementation period.

We aim to train and accompany 30 leaders and change agents drawn from established and new networks to pilot change initiatives (15 each from India and Africa, as well as in the Middle East) within their organizational settings, through two phases. Leaders and change agents will benefit from the opportunity to receive training (conceptual learning), learn from each other (peer learning), test out new approaches (experiential learning) and deepen their own reflection through mentoring and dialogue.

What is the Collaboratory?

  • A learning space to hone practices and approaches for change interventions in organizational, network and community settings.
  • A network of diverse thinker-practitioners who bridge theory and practice, and create new strategies for gender equality and institutional change.
  • A curriculum for activists, researchers, development practitioners, and theorists to discuss and shape cultures of equality while transforming themselves.
  • A cadre of skilled activists & change facilitators who intervene in organizations to create cultures of equality.
  • A virtual learning community focused on issue/geographic/sector specific topics complementary to the Collaboratory.