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gender at work framework - case studies

The Gender at Work Framework highlights the interrelationship between gender equality, organizational change and institutions or ‘rules of the game’ held in place by power dynamics within communities.

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The value of the Gender at Work Analytical Framework is demonstrated through these series of case studies about how change has happened in real organizations that have been trying to address gender asymmetries and to achieve sustainable, long-term changes toward equality and social justice. Their stories are mainly told from the perspectives of real change agents, working in organizations - as we call them, 'warriors within'. From the experience of these case studies, we draw some conclusions about how social norms and deep structure within organizations (and communities) can be challenged and changed.

These case studies are snapshots of a moment in time, though in a few instances we have followed these organizations over a decade.  We have tried to weave a tapestry of stories from different types of organizations, working at different levels with diverse mandates and in a range of country contexts. This site tells six stories of change for gender equality. The stories were assembled and edited by Aruna Rao, Joanne Sandler and David Kelleher.

Click on each of the following case studies to read more about them. The case studies open in a new tab.
Extended versions of these stories and analysis can be found in, Rao, Sandler, Kelleher and Miller, Gender at Work: Theory and Practice for 21st Century Organizations, Routledge, 2016.

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