About the podcast

It’s time for reflection and renewed thinking. Our aim is to create, maintain, and cultivate open and accessible spaces for discussion built on feminist principles to draw in social justice thinker/activists. There is considerable rethinking happening in feminist economics, feminist institutionalism, feminism generally, anti-racism and organizational change and inequality, as well as art and creative expression, which will feed and nurture our discussions, question our assumptions, and spark new insights.

And so, we dive into examining submerged deep structures of misogyny, racism, casteism and heteronormativity and other biases and fears that have shaped our relationships, and the rules that govern our organizations and communities. How can we examine our ideas and our work? How can we look for new seeds of hope grow on feminist and social justice principles? How can we renew ourselves and our formations to be more relevant in this new landscape? How can we reevaluate, reinvent, and reimagine the role Gender at Work can play in the current socio-political context framed by inequality and the climate crisis?

To kick off this rethinking, we have launched our Podcast series based on a number of informal conversations to discuss emerging ideas, trends and issues in feminist thinking and practice, ideas that ignite passion and allow us to find new ways of understanding ourselves, our work, our connections and collective formations for change. We want these conversations to ignite imagination and point to new strategic ways of thinking and working.

Listen to the podcast here or on your preferred streaming platform!