Our Work


What we do

Helping organizations do good, better.

We build grounded knowledge on change trajectories, help activists tell their stories and share these insights to a broad practitioner and policy audience. We also offers a range of consulting services to organizations to strengthen their contributions to gender equality and advance feminist leadership, as well as offer courses on feminist leadership and transformational change.

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Three pathways to change

capacity development for organizational change

Gender at Work uses capacity development strategies such as gender action learning, strategic planning and program development, training, and reflective learning to engage with teams, organizations and networks.

strategic learning & evaluation for collective impact

We support organizations to undertake learning and evaluation from a gender equality and rights-based perspective.

Harvesting new knowledge

Our founders and associates collaborate with each other and a wide range of partners to pilot new approaches, analytical frameworks, and learning strategies in support of gender and institutional change.


Our framework highlights the interlinked dimensions of change required to make sustainable progress on gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Action learning

Gender Action Learning is a change process aimed at transforming unequal power dynamics, organizational culture and processes to advance gender equality.


Gender at Work offers a range of consulting services to organizations to strengthen their contribution to gender equality and work to advance feminist leadership.


Our bi-monthly Gender at Work podcast amplifies the voices of global gender activists searching for new ways to understand our work, our institutions and ourselves.


Our knowledge resources include conceptual tools and practices to change the deep structures that hold gender inequality in place in organizations and communities.


We are advancing the theoretical foundations on gender equality by engaging with universities and organizations to promote research and offer new courses.