Our consulting services

Gender at Work offers a range of consulting services for organizations in order to strengthen gender equality and advance feminist leadership
We use an equity focused approach to evaluation that helps us to analyse interventions or programs in a participatory manner and embrace multiple perspectives. See for example our evaluation of the end strategic planning support for the Food and Agriculture Organization and the Joint Systematic Review of Gender Equality in Development carried out for UN Women.
We offer capacity building services (training, learning and strategic planning workshops) to enhance gender equality and inclusion in organizations and their work. For example, Gender at Work’s partnership with UN Girls Education Initiative (UNGEI) has spanned a variety of strategies to enhance collaborative action and learning. We have facilitated annual strategic planning for the members of their Global Advisory Committee; collaborated with UNGEI, PLAN International and the Global Partnership for Education on the design and delivery of capacity development convenings to strengthen the gender equality dimensions in Education Sector Plans; and we are carrying out a joint initiative with Education International to support teacher’s unions in ending school-related gender-based violence.
We support philanthropists, corporate and private foundations, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) wings of companies to integrate a stronger focus on gender equality in their work. For example, Gender at Work has been partnering with the C&A Foundation for the past three years to strengthen their knowledge and strategy for support on the rights of women garment workers, as well as to mainstream gender equality across their existing priority areas. In 2016/2017, this has led to the creation of an innovative fund – managed by the Global Fund for Women with technical assistance from Gender at Work – to make grants available to organizations and initiatives focused on eliminating gender-based violence in garment factories in Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Myanmar and Vietnam.
In this moment of #MeToo and Time’s Up, the need for companies to find solutions to sexual harassment and abuse of power has become urgent. There is no one-size fits all solution, no single recipe for change. We are offering a package of support to media companies that will empower insiders to challenge and change sexual harassment, abuse of power and gender inequality and create a more equitable and productive working environment for all. Our process builds organically from the positive parts of your organizational context and culture and allows you to develop a holistic and company-owned strategy that creates an actual difference.
We are experienced consultants and project managers with a track record of completing complex assignments on time, within a budget and meeting or exceeding assignment expectations. We strive to provide an excellent service in terms of quality of work, timely delivery, professional behaviour, customer service and value for money. We have an unique organizational structure that is designed to deliver the highest standard of quality and innovative support, while keeping procedures and costs as low and flexible as possible. We are a hybrid organization, financing our commitment to develop relevant and effective approaches to gender equality with both grant funds and fee-for-service contracts. We are adept at both short-term consultancies (for instance, those that we have recently completed for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation or the Solidarity Centre) and longer-term support (for instance, those that we have undertaken with the Food and Agricultural Organization or Oxfam/NOVIB). We are also accustomed to working with single organizations and/or coalitions or networks (such as consulting work we have undertaken with the UNDG or the UN Girls’ Education Initiative).