Our Associates

Ahmad Hegab


Ahmad Hegab is a gender and male allyship expert, a multi-award-winning activist, and a passionate advocate for the use of technology to combat violence against women and girls.

He is engaged in several initiatives and projects that research and support men & boys confronting violence by addressing issues such as unhealthy masculinity, male engagement towards gender justice, and digital harm related to cyber violence & human trafficking. Ahmad is serving on the Board of Directors of Harassmap International, where he is leading the operations of the new Harassmap MENA region campaign.

Additionally, he is in charge of the gendered technical support operations for a regional program aimed at localizing the concept of digital safety in the MENA region to prevent and eliminate technology-facilitated violence against women and girls. Recently, Ahmad was selected by the Mozilla Foundation as one of the RISE25, a global visionary reshaping the world’s digital future.