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Social Change in Jharkhand
Think Tanks and Gender
Walking the talk: Think tanks and gender – What did we learn?
Shortly after launching this blog series, Gender at Work participated in Women Deliver 2019 Conference...
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Incorporating Gender into Academic Research Life
I always wondered how the University of Ghana could deepen its commitment to gender equality without...
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Why am I still getting “the look”?
As Director of Research and Statistics at FUSADES, I have been working (and thinking) on women´s economic...
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Despite progress, Bangladeshi young women still lag far behind
Bangladeshi women have come a long way in terms of economic and social empowerment. Yet beneath these...
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Strengthening gender as a component of Research Quality (+)
It was easy to feel inspired in the warmth of Guatemala City (while it was barely reaching above zero...
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A workshop to remember
My journey with Centre for Population and Environmental Development (CPED) began on Monday December 9th,...
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Mainstreaming gender in a research institute
“We are strong on gender and research — we have a dedicated centre working on this”. This was how BRAC...
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Crafting and sharing powerful narratives in Guatemala City
It was around my fourth cup of coffee on the second day when I finally thought, “OK, I think this is...
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My experience with gender sensitive research
It all started when I was nominated to join a project research team to enhance the capacity of women...
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