Episode 01: Conversation on Patriarchy


Episode 01: Conversation on Patriarchy

Gender at Work’s new podcast series is part of our ongoing effort to hold intimate conversations about rethinking and regenerating our strategies and practices to transform the world, build cultures of equality and end patriarchy.

Our first podcast is an informal conversation over dinner with women’s rights and gender equality scholars and activists from all over the world on how they address manifestations of patriarchy in their daily lives and in their work. We ask questions such as: How has patriarchy affected your life and shaped your options? Can we end patriarchy by 2020 as Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, the Executive Director of UN Women has said? In the current economic and political moment when we see huge levels of inequality, the backlash against women’s rights and deep erosion of democratic institutions, where does feminist leadership take us? Are your strategies still relevant? What is your work telling you about the kinds of narratives that apply now?

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