Episode 05: #MeToo on College Campuses


Episode 05: MeToo on College Campuses

In this episode, we examine the impact the #MeToo movement is making on college campuses. Led by G@W’s communications specialist, Michaela Partridge, the episode is based on four conversations with students, faculty and associates committed to seeing change. We take you directly where these activists are studying and working to explore the meaning of the hashtag, and its repercussions. Join us for this powerful and very timely episode to get an insider’s point of view on what policy changes the movement sparked, and the areas where colleges and institutions are still failing young people.

“I think the Me Too movement is so important to everyone personally, and as we see people coming forward, many more people are inspired to share their own stories… It’s critical that we keep talking about it and keep engaging with it, because only by highlighting this can we ever begin to do something about it.”

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