Episode 25: Femilemmas Pop-Up


Episode 25: Femilemmas Pop-Up

Femilemmas about gender identities, about who is a feminist, about inconsistencies when government leaders claim feminist mantles and so on, have been percolating for years. We held a Femilemmas PopUp at the 67th session of the Commission on the Status of Women in New York in March to hear what Femilemmas were on the minds of participants there. In this episode we share a few – Anne Marie Goetz (New York University, New York City) explores the Femilemmas inherent in feminist foreign policies; Andrea Cornwall (Kings College, London) lays out the complex and evolving Femilemmas around ‘gender’; Deepa Mattoo (Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic, Toronto) spoke about how they resolved a Femilemma by adopting a gender inclusive policy for all services, and Fidele Rutayisire (Rwanda Men’s Resource Organization) addressed the Femilemmas of men as feminists. Are these your Femilemmas? How would you respond? What femilemmas are you grappling with? Join the conversation! We want to hear from you!

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Gender and health data on the Venezuelan migrant population in Colombia

Sandra Patricia Martínez-Cabezas reflects on her research in the COLEV project, which focused on using responsible AI and data science to address COVID-19 challenges in Colombia. She recounts how her research team used health records of Venezuelan migrant populations crossing into Colombia to capture their health issues in national responses. In applying a gender lens, she explored the incompleteness of the data, how it was heavily skewed towards women and children and neglected men’s health.