Our Associates

Joanne Sandler


Joanne Sandler has been working to strengthen women’s rights, gender justice and organizational change strategies in the U.S. and transnationally for nearly 40 years. She is a Senior Associate of Gender at Work – a global network of consultants who support organizations to build cultures of equality. Between 2001 and 2010, Joanne was Deputy Executive Director for the UN Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM). She was on the transition team for the creation of UN Women, and then served on its first Global Civil Society Advisory Group. She is currently the co-chair of the Board of Directors for Just Associates (JASS), a global organization that works to support women’s human rights defenders. Joanne has authored numerous books and articles on women’s rights. Most recently, she co-authored, “Can the UN Deliver a Feminist Future” with Anne Marie Goetz (published in Gender & Development, Volume 28, 2020). She is also co-author of the book, Gender at Work: Theory and Practice for 21st Century Organizations (Routledge Press, 2015