Our Associates

Michal Friedman

South Africa

Michal was at the founding meeting of Gender at Work in Washington DC in 2003 and started working part-time as the South African Program Manager in 2004. She is currently a Senior Associate and until recently managed the South African work. She has been leading the facilitation team that supports local Gender Action Learning (GAL) processes, and so far, she has worked with and supported 14 organizations from civil society, including trade unions, NGOs, CSOs and members of social movements. She has also supported teams in Mozambique and the Horn of Africa with GAL processes. Under the Funding Leadership and Opportunities for Women (FLOW) program, she led the collective impact initiative with Letsema in Gauteng Province and was a facilitator in the capacity development process supporting African based democratic feminist facilitators. She is currently involved with the East African team in supporting teachers unions to take greater responsibility in addressing school related gender based violence. Michal is currently taking a ‘mini-sabbatical’ to deepen her own practice and understanding of the Philosophy of Social Innovation. To this end she has registered for a Masters Degree In Reflective Social Practice.