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The Gender at Work Book Club is a special initiative of Gender at Work, a transnational network of individuals and organizations which work to end discrimination against women and advance cultures of equality. The Book Club was launched with the same vision, uniting diverse voices within and outside the Gender at Work network and discussing books, articles, films and other media that challenge our assumptions, stretch our boundaries and ignite our passion. Our mission is to find new ways of understanding our work, our institutions, our society and ambitiously – ourselves.

Why now?

It’s time for reflection and renewed thinking. As knowledge bearers, we have a responsibility to create, maintain, and cultivate open and accessible spaces for discussion aimed at our peers and for younger generations collectivising around feminist principles. There is considerable rethinking happening in feminist economics, feminist institutionalism, feminism generally, organizational change and inequality, as well as art and creative expression, which will feed and nurture our discussions and question our assumptions.

And so, we dive into the dark with some guiding questions.

[mkd_blockquote text=”How can we examine our ideas and our work; and renew its relevance in this new landscape? How can we reevaluate, reinvent, and reimagine the role Gender at Work can play in the current socio-political context?” title_tag=”h2″ width=””]

To kick off this rethinking, we have launched our Podcast series based on a number of informal conversations to discuss new books/articles and ideas that ignite passion and allow us to find new ways of understanding our work and the places we work. We want these conversations to ignite imagination and point to new strategic ways of thinking and working.

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For Gender at Work, the approach we take to gender equality and inclusion work typically focuses on longer-term action learning processes. We value reflective space and aim to create an opportunity for people to work together and to learn from each other over time, and typically tailor our support to meet specific needs.

Balancing on the Cusp

“I’m a hypocrite”, Henry says during a global Gender Action Peer Learning Meeting. He looks troubled and stressed. His body is twisted and taut. His face tormented with pain. It’s as if he’s committed a terrible crime.