where women’s truth dares to ride

In a crowd of people, that hoarse and loud voice pierced my ears from a distance.
He appeared in his Rastafarian ensemble, with a face that expressed hatred and
disgust. He stood looking at me and my four friends. A lot was going on in my mind. I
did not know what to do or say. We were making our way to a community dialogue at
the Tsakane Park so we were rushing to get refreshments for the day. Tons of
people stood there in the mall looking at us. A lot was written on their faces. In their
hearts and minds, words were forming into lines and sentences, sentences were
forming into paragraphs. Paragraphs filled with hate…love…pity…shame and the
need to express themselves.

asking questions and heart listening: learning about gender in cambodia

How can change teams (in Cambodia & Vietnam) accelerate their ability to integrate gender equality into their organizations and their programs so that they increase womens’ participation in decision making at home, in their communities and concerning the protection and use of their land?

gender action learning in cambodia and vietnam

I recently returned from two weeks of work with organizations and communities in Cambodia and Vietnam. This was the first of what may be additional visits to Cambodia and Vietnam to provide support to non-government organizations working primarily in the area of community-based natural resource management, that want to bring a stronger focus to gender justice in their programming.