grassroots women leading change

Gender at Work in collaboration with the Institute of Social Studies Trust and Heinrich Böll Stiftung India held a panel discussion on ‘Gender Equality at the Workplace in India’ in September 2015. The panel was moderated by G@W’s Country Director for India, Sudrsana Kundu and comprised speakers from different sectors. Reiko Tsushima represented the International Labour Organisation (ILO), Harpreet Kaur represented the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre in New Delhi and Kalyani Menon-Sen spoke from the perspective of an independent feminist researcher and activist.

sudarsana kundu, country director, Gender at Work

Gender at Work India prepared a report on the status of Gender Equality in the Non-profit Sector in India. This report examines the Status of gender equality in the non-profit sector in India. The report sought to identify key challenges, trends and good practices in order to determine the most innovative practices being adopted to promote gender equality today. The underlying assumption among non-profits that they operate on values like social justice and human rights and are thus inherently equal in their workplace practices.

finding our ways out of the ‘black box’

In graduate school, I began to be fascinated by the ‘black box’ of organizations, the peculiar ways through which organizations digest gender equality laws and policies and put out something that looks quite different from what one might expect. Connecting these two worlds – how organizations worked and whether or not women could access opportunity systems – happened most clearly for me while working at BRAC in Bangladesh in the 1990s.