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vijaya nidadavolu


Vijaya Nidadavolu's work on social development and inclusion issues has been grounded in developing country and conflict-affected contexts in South and South East Asia including in India, Nepal and Myanmar. The first half of her career was in long term roles, leading communications and advocacy portfolios for the International Center for Research on Women India office and the Population Council South-East Asia regional office. She has been an independent consultant for over ten years in the South and South East Asia region and has a track record of delivering formative research, stakeholder and policy analysis, testing and implementing culturally appropriate interventions, leveraging evidence for policy and using strategic communications innovations for change. Through this work Vijaya has been querying the impact of gender inequality on people, institutions and societies. Vijaya has advised programmes that have strategically engaged government, development partners and civil society organisations. As a consultant, she has worked and engaged with a range of UN agencies, INGOs, feminist networks, local NGOs and CSOs. Vijaya is currently involved in a long-term consultancy with the MyJustice programme in Myanmar as a Strategic Engagement Adviser. With a strong focus on gender and justice issues, she combines theoretical and conceptual skills with a strong set of skills in using communications and advocacy strategies for change. She believes strongly in the power of voice in processes of change and is always looking for ways to use different media to amplify the need for change as well as influence the outcome of change.