Feminists Leading Change: Kelsie Joseph


Meet Kelsie Joseph, a young feminist activist leading the change in addressing gender-based violence (GBV) in Trinidad and Tobago. GBV is at its heights in Trinidad and Tobago and young women are demanding their government to prioritize their safety. Kelsie is on the front lines in protests and demanding action. Kelsie is part of the leadership team of the global youth movement: Chalk Back. She is the co-founder of catcallsofUWI (University of West Indies).

& we forge on 

“As an intersectional feminist who has been faced with challenges brought on by the pandemic, I believe that it’s only right to continue my activism during the most troublesome times. Through the Catcallsofuwi initiative of IGDS Ignite and the global youth-led movement Chalk Back, I have increased my cyber-feminism activism via my Instagram and Facebook platforms, participated in panel discussions, chalked stories and shared resources around the increasing crisis of gender-based violence such as domestic violence, sexual assault and rape within Trinidad and Tobago”.

 More women- Like you and I.

“As a student activist under the Institute for Gender and Development Studies (IGDS) Ignite, a student-led feminist and social justice group of the University of the West Indies, I am privileged to be mentored by the group coordinator, Renuka Anandjit. I have learned so much from her over the last two years: from staying true to oneself, working as a team, giving and earning respect but most importantly learning and unlearning through a gendered lens for a gender-just world.  Having more women role models in leadership positions is necessary to continue breaking glass ceilings by showing the next generation of women that dreams do come true. Their aspirations and goals are attainable and reachable. If Renuka and many others can do it,  then I can too despite all the challenges I may encounter along the journey.”

Our legacy and resilience 

“We can make the mountain taller by acknowledging the work of others, building on their legacy, and acquiring their resilience to continuing the work and staying true to ourselves and the actual goals of creating a gender-just society.”


Natasha Harris-Harb is UNGEI’s youth engagement adviser and Aayushi Aggarwal is the communications manager at Gender at Work.

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