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Social Change in Jharkhand
Think Tanks and Gender
Learning from our AI Research and COVID journey: What does it take to have more inclusive and gender responsive AI-driven health research?
Carol Miller, and Marie-Katherine (Kate) Waller, two Gender at Work Associates, reflect on the key threads...
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Gender Action Learning workshop held in Nairobi, Kenya in February 2023
Gender and health data on the Venezuelan migrant population in Colombia
Sandra Patricia Martínez-Cabezas reflects on her research in the COLEV project, which focused on using...
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Participants of the AI4COVID writeshop in Nairobi, 2023
Mes aventures avec la COVID-19 sous la lanterne de l’intersectionnalité
Hélène Diéne partage son expérience de la pandémie, où elle travaillait dans une clinique COVID-19 comme...
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Participants of the AI4COVID writeshop in Nairobi, 2023
My adventures with COVID-19 under the lantern of intersectionality
Hélène Agnès Diéne shares her experiences during the pandemic, working in a COVID-19 clinic and later...
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Gender Marked Me: The Value of Gender Analysis in AI Research
Tidiane Ndoye shares how his experiences nurtured his passion for gender issues in health, and his role...
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Le genre m’a collé à la peau: Intérêt de l’analyse genre dans une recherche sur l’IA
Tidiane Ndoye explique comment ses expériences ont nourri sa passion pour les questions de genre dans...
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No Differences, Only Sames: Finding Common Ground in Nairobi During the AI4COVID Gender Action Learning Writeshop
Ethan Gilsdorf reflects on the way he feels most engaged and enriched when visiting places that are least...
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A Biostatistician’s Personal Journey through Gender Bias
Sylvia Kiwuwa Muyingo reflects on her early fieldwork collecting health information from HIV-affected...
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Awuor Ponge
Why are you talking to a blank screen?
Mahlet Hailemariam shares her experiences of juggling online work, challenged by unreliable internet...
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