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current initiatives include:

International Development Research Center (IDRC) Project

The International Development Research Centre (IDRC) is an agency of the Canadian government which supports development research in the Global South. Gender at Work associates have been working with different programs within IDRC for the past several months. To date we have been supporting Project Officers and partners in bringing a gender perspective to research projects. For example, in the Networked Economies Program we have been working on projects concerned with cybersecurity, digital educational technology, open data and training for digital work. With the Food Environment and Health program we have been working on the gender equality questions related to combatting non-communicable diseases related to unhealthy diets through food labelling, marketting and taxation policies. We have been experimenting with various learning configurations including different types of coaching and mentoring as well as workshops and a virtual hearing the stories meeting. We are about to begin a modified gender action learning project with policy think tanks in three different regions.

Educations Unions Take Action to End School Related Gender Based Violence (SRGBV)

A team of Gender at Work facilitators and knowledge management associates is supporting the ‘Education Unions Take Action to End School Related Gender Based Violence (SRGBV) program in collaboration with UN Girls Education Initiative (UNGEI) and Education International (EI). SRGBV is present in all education systems around the world and takes many different forms, from bullying and perpetuating gender stereotypes that marginalize girls to corporal punishment, sexual harassment of learners and teachers to sexual assault. EI, which represents 350 million teachers worldwide, adopted a resolution mandating their membership to combat SRGBV in 2015. In 2016 and 2017, G@W facilitated Gender Action Learning (GAL) processes with seven unions in five Eastern and Southern African countries, representing over one million teachers at all levels of the education system. Change experiments included raising awareness among union members, revising gender policies to include SRGBV, tackling corporal punishment in schools, empowering learners to speak out and building new collaborations between unions and other stakeholders. In 2018-19, the program will build on this experience to work with two unions in West Africa and share learning more broadly within the global education labour movement. The four-year program is funded by Global Affairs Canada, EI and the participating unions’ own resources.

Gender Action Learning Supported by Oxfam

Building on the positive results and learning from Gender Action Learning Processes in seven countries in 2014-16, Oxfam has integrated the methodology into new programmes with a wide variety of organizations in several different countries over the coming years.