Womxn Advocating for Bodies, Voice and Resources


Power Up! exists to catalyse the leadership and voice of womxn in all their diversity. As a Consortium of womxn’s rights organisations, our goal is to actively support womxn-led collectives, movements, and organisations in their efforts to challenge and dismantle oppressive structures of power.

To address the root causes that hinder gender equality, Power Up! is committed to building, organising, mobilising, and transforming power in three strategic areas:
✊🏿 bodies, with a focus on prevention and elimination of sexual and gender-based violence against womxn and girls;
✊🏾 voice, by strengthening womxn’s leadership and womxn’s participation in political decision-making;
✊🏽 resources, through strengthening womxn’s economic strategies for economic resilience and stability, including access to and control of resources and land.

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Our Partners

As a member of the Power Up! Consortium, Gender at Work aims to provide support to partner organisations working towards transformative change in countries across the African continent, the Middle East and India. We are committed to fostering spaces for co-creation, collective strategising, learning exchanges, and collaborative contextual knowledge and capacity building. 

Meet our partners and discover some of the activities they are implementing under the auspices of Power Up!: 

🇮🇳 Amhi Amchya Arogyasathi (AAAS) is working to protect and advance Indigenous womxn forest dwellers’ individual and collective rights and access to land in India;

🇱🇧 Collective for Research & Training for Development – Action (CRTD-A)’s work includes advocating for LGBTQI+ constitutional rights, campaigning for awareness of economic gender-based violence as an invisible form of violence experienced by womxn, empowering refugee girls’ civic and community participation, supporting womxn-led cooperatives to increase production of local and traditional foods. CRTD-A is based in Lebanon and works in partnership with 🇹🇳 Kadirat and 🇵🇸 Doria Feminist Fund;

🇲🇿 Kaleidoscopio is conducting an action research process focused on economic inequality to strengthen womxn’s economic livelihoods and resilience in Mozambique;

🇿🇦 Labour Research Service is connecting and supporting womxn in precarious work to have their jobs made visible, recognised, valued and remunerated in South Africa, with a special focus on Voluntary Food Handlers within the country’s National School Nutrition Programme.

Power Up! Resources

What are Gender at Work partners’ strategies, collective understandings and principles? What are we curious about and what hopes do we have for Power Up!? What lessons and challenges have our partners encountered so far on the Power Up! journey? How is Power Up! keeping track of its goals to build, mobilise, and transform power? 

Explore our Power Up! Resource Hub for the latest reports, learning briefs and studies, stories of change and struggle, and highlights from Gender at Work partners’ fearless work.

Power Up! is a collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the Power of Women strategic partnership.

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