GenTruth Award: Aiyoh...Wat Lah?! Awards (Malaysia)
G@W Framework
A Knotted Rope
  • An annual spoof ceremony in Malaysia that raises awareness on sexism, misogyny, homophobia and transphobia.
  • Gender at Work has a holistic approach to social change. It links organizational change, changes in the “rules of the game”, and gender equality.
  • Our associates are based around the world. Meet these rule-changers who are working to “shake up” organizations and institutions.
  • These stories and the process followed to generate them, prove how powerful the act of writing is in crystallizing and articulating the meaning of an experience.

Gender at Work  is a global collaborative of individuals committed to strengthening organizations to build cultures of equality and social justice, especially gender equality. We provide capacity building and consulting services to help organizations uncover what holds gender inequality in place and how to transform discriminatory structures, values and ways of working.