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Podcast Episodes

Episode 12: Patriarchy Impeached – Is this what justice looks like? The Catherine Claxton story

This episode walks us through Catherine Claxton’s story, which has been assembled by G@W Senior Associate Joanne Sandler and Julie Thompson, both long time UN staffers. Catherine's lawyers -- Mary Dorman and Ellen Yaroshefsky -- recount the events that led Catherine, a junior UN...

G@W-CREA Podcast Series, Episode 5: How can we reboot cross-movement alliance building for greater collective voice and impact?

At a time when conservative, fundamentalist and fascist forces appear to achieving political dominance, the need for progressive movements to build strong alliances and collective resistance appears paramount – yet, few such alliances are visible and sustaining cross-movement solidarity is very hard work. This...

G@W-CREA Podcast Series, Episode 4: Reimagining Consent, Pleasure and Danger: Why and how do we need to reimagine ideas around consent, pleasure and danger?

This episode examines why we need to reimagine prevailing ideas around consent, pleasure and danger as embedded in our laws, social norms, and feminist movement politics. The discussion explores why pleasure needs to be moved from the margins of feminist agendas to be...